This site is dedicated solely to helping you find the right unfinished cabinet doors. Let’s start by talking about what you are looking for in a cabinet. Storage is the first thing that comes to mind. Cabinets are a great place to store whatever you need to keep safe.

But there is more to cabinets than just storage. They also have an aesthetic value. We want our cabinets to look good. This is where the doors come in.

Don’t get me wrong, cabinet doors plays a vital role in the strength, stability, and safety of the items that you are keeping, but why else would you want unfinished cabinet doors than to make them into something of your own.


This is the fun with unfinished doors. You can take them and paint them, stain them, and design them any way you want to. The best thing about the doors is they can sometimes be a cheaper cabinet door than the pre painted cabinet doors.

Let’s discuss the different types of cabinet doors that are available to you.

Different Doors and Cabinets

The first cabinet and doors we will discuss is the pantry cabinet. Pantry cabinet doors will be longer and more upright. These are usually found in a kitchen or in a living room. They are slender and can be designed to fit any house hold color. The doors can be glass cabinet doors, wood doors, or anything that you want.

Next is the garage style cabinet doors. These are more rectangular and are used primarily in large spaces where a cabinet is going to hold a lot of items. Usually these are found in the garage, hence the name, and are heavy duty. We suggest a strong oak cabinet door or even metal.

Wall cabinets and topper cabinets are lots of fun to design. Unfinished cabinet doors for cabinets work well here because these doors are usually meant to be over your kitchen doors, study area, or even a bedroom. It is easier painting the unfinished wood than a pre painted door.

Base cabinets are great for storing books and toys. They make great furniture pieces for any bedroom and can be apart of a Reck Room. The unfinished doors can be stained with a nice color. The tone makes no difference except for your preference. It really goes well with any style design you are going for.


Broom cabinets are tall and narrow. People have put every type of door unto these cabinets and they all work. Usually these are utility cabinets so the doors are a little more sturdy and need to be treated as such. But, if you want a tall narrow cabinet for decoration, you could use an unfinished cabinet door and impose all sorts of painted designs on it.

There are so many different unfinished cabinet doors that you can work with. Your job is to pick the ones that you like the best.


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